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Findlay City Schools is located in the heart of Hancock County and is an excellent public school system. Serving a growing cultural and economically diverse population the Findlay City Schools encompasses approximately 37 square miles. Presently, the district is comprised of one high school, two middle schools, one intermediate (4-5) building, two intermediate (3-5) buildings, one K-5 building, two primary (K-2) buildings, two primary (K-3) buildings, one preschool building, and the Findlay Digital Academy serving over 5,566 students. The Findlay Trojan tradition of excellence in academics, athletics and all extracurricular activities are based on collaboration between our students, staff, administrators, parents and community who take great interest in our students. The well-qualified and caring staff is committed to creating an outstanding learning environment and a culture for excellence that supports and encourages our students and staff in their academic, extra-curricular and personal growth.

Findlay City Schools considers "facilitating student achievement" in a safe and caring environment as one of our top priorities (Strategic Plan - Strategy I & II). In many of our core subject areas, the district is using the Ohio Department of Education academic content standards which ensures the written curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessments of all learning to match in an alignment in which research suggests makes a powerful achievement tool for our students.

The Findlay community has been awarded "The 100 Best Communities Award" for children for the past four years and Findlay City Schools is a major factor in attaining that award. Working closely with the Community Foundation and many other community agencies Findlay City Schools continues to offer programs that help nurture the whole child including service learning, guidance, wellness, award winning music programs, nationally recognized journalism, fine arts courses, intramural and competitive sports, and provide continued special services for special needs and gifted students. We also believe that promoting character is important as part of our student's experience at Findlay. The nine virtues are focused on one inspirational word of the month and are created to support our community's shared values.

Awards & Recognition


2018 Spring SkillsUSA State

Millstream had 68 students attend the SkillsUSA State Competition. The final results were:

Greyson Pollock - Med Tech - Elected by the Ohio Voting Delegates to attend Nationals - she will run for a National Office
Matt Opara, Ben Baldridge and Aric Ramsey - Programming - Won Gold medals and will advance to Nationals for their Business Showcase
Mason Clouse - Engineering - won the Gold for Technical Drafting and will advance to Nationals
Keely Wentz - Med Tech - won the silver medal for Professional Occupational Portfolio
Madi Faulkner, Rose Rieghenbaugh and Kate Foster - Med Tech - won bronze medals for the Health Science Showcase

2018 Spring FHS Awards

Congratulations FHS Athletes!!
Shelbi Sargent - Softball @ Malone University
Jordan Halliday - XC @ Trevecca Nazarene University
Brayton Rader - FB @ Trine
Adam Gutting - FB Trine
Amy Feczer - VB Heidelberg
Jacob Logsdon - BBK Heidelberg


2017 Fall FHS Awards

Congratulations to the FHS Trojan Hockey team who has been recognized through The Arts Partnership with the Star Volunteer Group Award.

Trojan Athlete of the Week - Oct. 23-27 Kendra Wurm- Girls Soccer.

Congratulations FHS Quiz Bowl team won the Great Lakes Academic League Tournament on Tuesday and qualified for the regional competition. Senior Kayla Keckler was named to the all-league first team, and Junior Brian Yeo was selected for the all-league second team.

Congratulations to the following members of the Speech and Debate team for their performances at the Wauseon Rotary Invitational this past weekend:
Taylor Mitchell, Tristan Jones & Claire Short---1st place in Duo Improv
Morgan Peller---1st place in Broadcasting
Abby Klausing Robert Riffle---2nd place in Duo Interpretation
Tristan Jones & Claire Short----1st place in Policy Debate


Millstream Career Center DECA Awards

September, 2017: Congratulations to the following students from our DECA chapter who competed and placed:
Congratulations DECA Winners:
Business Services:
2nd Place:
Ryan Montooth, Andrew McCormick, Brady Shenise
3rd Place:
Julia Fulk, Drew Broerman, Carter Sapp
Job Interview:
1st Place White Division: Micah DeMuth
3rd Place Blue Division: Emily Klein
Buying and Merchandising:
3rd Place
Mitchell Meyer, Jacob Murphy, Ryan Roth
Travel and Tourism:
1st Place
Zach Alic, Grant Umbs, Philip Bibler
1st Place
Sandy Sorexarth, Nadia Schaub, Danielle Tisdale
1st Place:
Jordan Foster, Avery Charles, Tyler Vanderhoff
2nd Place:
Maggie McGhee, Chloe Williams


Why Findlay City Schools?

"The skills I learned in the Honors Mentorship both my junior and senior year have proved invaluable in my internships, and other interactions with the Cincinnati corporate world - it truly is a great program!"
~ Bethany Maynard - Class of 2009


"Findlay High School was a life changer for me. Education did not start out to be something that I was exceptional at or wanted to be good at, however, as I progressed through high school taking a variety of classes including Millstream Business classes, general ed, vocational, theatre, and co-op classes...a lightbulb went off that showed me the direction that I should go in order to be successful. Today, I work at Findlay City Schools as Webmaster and I also teach Web Development at Findlay High School & Millstream Career Center. I know, without a doubt, that the choices I made after graduation were a direct reflection on the many choices of outstanding classes and faculty at Findlay High School."
~ Laura Moses Julien - Class of 1983


"I am a 1978 graduate of FHS and C.O.E. co-op program with Mr. Wohlgamuth (known today as Millstream). My co-op employment was with Whirlpool Corporation...after graduation, I filled in for the secretary that I shadowed while she went on vacation. While I was filling in for the secretary on vacation, a position came open in the Personnel Department...I interviewed and was hired. I held various secretarial positions within my 14 years of service with Whirlpool Corporation, before leaving to become a stay-at-home mom."
~ Teresa J. Line - Class of 1978


"I graduated in 1998 from FHS. I had many great experiences in the music department during my years at FHS. I was involved in marching band, orchestra, choirs, VIP, FFE, and the musicals. I have many wonderful memories of my years at FHS. My favorite teacher was Mr. Damon, best history teacher!!"
~ Dawn Thomas Rose - Class of 1998


"As a 1989 FHS grad and now a Principal at Bigelow and Northview schools, I continue to be proud of my Alma Mater. I strive to provide a rich learning environment for my students just as I received going through the system. Findlay City Schools has given me the skills needed to be successful. I am now lucky enough to give back to those who gave to me. I am proud to say I am a TROJAN!"
~ Pam Hamlin - Class of 1989


"Though there are some things I would like to have changed during my high school years I can honestly say I've had some of the best times of my life participating in the music programs available. Choir, VIP, marching band, concert band, music tech, and Pantasia (by far the best group to be a part of) introduced me to a lot of great people. In fact I was talking with my co-worker Andy once about how the Freshman are supposed to be in their own wing and closed off from the rest of the high school. My freshman year I did not feel any smaller or less important than the upperclassmen even though we had our own wing of classrooms. I attribute this to the fact that I met many new friends my age and also upperclassmen during band camp, before school even started. I didn't even want to go to band camp but my mom forced me to, since I had already signed up. Marching band turned out to be a great experience and I loved every performance. In short, I believe the music department helped shape my high school experience into a much more enjoyable one."
~Jeremy Logsdon - Class of 2005


"The Millstream Culinary program is how I decided what career path I wanted to follow. It gave me the opportunity to understand how the industry works and with my ServSafe certificate I was able to get a good job right out of high school. The education was a good combination of book work and hands-on training, I'm glad it wasn't just one or the other. I have went on to continue my education and will graduate with my Associate's Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts December 16, 2012, only 18 months after I graduated from Findlay High School. Thank you Findlay City Schools and Mrs. Greiner."
~ Torri Coleman, Class of 2011


"Findlay City Schools does an incredible job creating and administering programs that offer opportunities for students with different needs, interests and talents. Thanks to the tour of the Millstream programs at a young age our daughter decided to participate in the Millstream Culinary program. With hands-on training and mentoring from the instructor she quickly narrowed her career path to baking and pastry arts. The guidance and time that Mrs. Greiner puts into her students' lives is remarkable and makes such a huge impact on their lives. My husband and I will be forever grateful for the tools Findlay City Schools and the Millstream program gave us in raising our daughter."
~ Nichole Coleman, Class of 1990


June 13, 2018